EXTERIOR: The exterior of our shoes is made of 100% cotton yarn, hand-woven fabric. The cotton yarn (TRB and TUCAN, produced by Textiles Río Blanco, S.A.) is certified to be colored with azoic-free dyes, and free of any illegal substance in the REACH list of SVHC substances published by ECHA for the process of fabric dyeing.

INTERIOR: Natural denim

EYELETS: Aluminum AA Regular

TRIM: 100% Polyester AM15-4, 15mm wide

INSOLE: Fibrous board and EVA 3mm

SOCK LINER: Natural S/T Latex 3mm soft, covered with natural denim

LACES: 100% Polyester 45”

SOLE: T.R. (thermoplastic rubber), Shore A, 0.98 Density, abrasive resistance 160, bicolor sole in black and white.

EXTERIOR LABELS: PLASTIFLEX made with mercury, lead and nickel-free materials, approved by the FDA (title 21 of the CRF, Sec. 175.105, 175.300 and 1771200) without harmful materials as defined by the OSHA Regulations 29 CRF 1460.1200.

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Product Description

San Antonio Palopó is a picturesque Maya – Kakchikel town on the eastern shore of spectacular Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands. The women of this town are skilled weavers, famous for their simple yet beautiful cotton güipil [/wi-pil/], a traditional Mayan blouse. The fabric is carefully woven using a treadle or foot loom, then embroidered in narrow strips and colorful shades of red, blue, and purple cotton yarn. The pieces of fabric are later joined together with heavy embroidery stitches to make the distinctive güipil.

Although all güipil in San Antonio Palopó are created in the same tradition, each weaver subtly incorporates her own embroidered patterns of geometric shapes, depending on individual style and taste. This makes each piece of woven fabric unique and special. Each one of our Santa Catarina Palopó Mayaxus sneakers is made from one of these pieces of woven fabric and is therefore unique. The left shoe is not exactly the same as the right!


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